Tool room equipment and capability

Our in-house tool room is equipped with the latest technology and is staffed by experienced mould toolmakers who work closely alongside your design team. Our tooling manufacturing capabilities extend from soft prototype tools through simple single impression P20 steel tools, to fully hardened steel multi-cavity full hot runner tools. The toolroom also fabricates prototype and development mould tools and jigs, fixtures and gauges for production.

Our tool room offers all the principal tool making capabilities of spark erosion, CNC machinery, wire erosion and grinding and turning. We have instant access to a highly-skilled resource that is able to offer a rapid response to any requirement - eg tool modification or repair. Our tool maintenance programmes use service interval levels based either on frequency of production run or on number of shots made. Our Tooling Database tracks your tool through its life recording all modifications, repairs and tool work carried out on it. This history provides invaluable information for improvement in design if the component is re-tooled and generally to further our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

expertise is used to vet it before it is manufactured and sampled. Our robust systems provide transparent reporting from the point at which an order is placed and cover the design review process, tool specification, general approvals stage, and sampling and modification stages, continuing to full part approval.