Second Operations

Our capability for secondary operations on any substrate material has been developed to meet the exacting needs of our customers. Key to this has been the designing of our systems and processes to deliver the highest quality, to tight deadlines delivering value for all our customers.

These services include:

Hot Foiling
Traymark offer single, rotary and roller hot foiling processes. Applications include promotional product, badges and automotive parts.

Pad (tampo) Printing
Here, we can transfer a two dimensional image onto a three dimensional object. This process uses an offset (gravure) process involving an image being transferred from an engraved plate onto a silicone pad to print on a substrate. Pad printing is used for printing difficult to print upon products in many industries which include medical, automotive, promotional and electronic objects.

Rotational printing
This new process allows for high accuracy printing of highly detailed, low tolerance designs onto circular or tubular substrates, extrusions or mouldings.

All designed to meet customer needs. This can range from bulk packed parts to point of sale promotional packs to kits of parts. Even the stringent needs of closed loop packaging systems for automotive customers can be accommodated.

Labelling and barcoding
Parts can be labelled and bar coded to customer specifications. Even those where errors could lead to compromising patient safety can be accommodated. Customer designs can be utilised using illustration programs to manipulate vector files to meet your design needs.