Injection Moulding

As one of the UK’s leading trade plastic moulders, our comprehensive range of injection moulding machines gives us the flexibility to fulfil the diverse scope of our customers’ requirements. Processes we carry out include: conventional injection moulding, over-moulding and insert moulding.

We select and source high-quality materials from proven suppliers, and have experience in processing most thermoplastics on the market. We manufacture a huge variety of injection moulded parts, including housings, aesthetic parts, two-part mouldings, clear mouldings/lenses, internal technical parts and high-tolerance parts.With a wide range of machines manufacturing both Technical and Engineering products from virtually all materials including filled grades.

Traymark offers a "one stop shop" with a highly regarded sub-assembly operation either within the production cell or separately in our dedicated secondary operations area.Lower Volumes Welcomed – Although operating traditionally higher volume processes, we also value customers who only require smaller batches, Kanban requirements or a one off run.

You will find us open and flexible to understand and try to meet your needs. Contact us and find out first hand how helpful we can be.

Working in partnership with all of our production departments, secondary operations and processes are finalised during the design discussion stage via Design Group Meetings. Our mould tool designs can be passed direct to our chosen toolmakers, either here in the UK or overseas, for accurate and rapid tool manufacture.

Our in-house Tool Room also gives us the capability to service, repair or modify the tools throughout the lifespan of the project.

Should you need to transfer-in existing tooling, any conversion work required can be carried out swiftly, thus minimising time out of production. Should you require a quotation for tooling transfer projects please let us have the details.